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Sunday, 20 June 2010


Hello hello, I know it's been a long while since I've blogged but I've been minorly snowed under with these nightmarish things called A Levels. But finally, I'm free, no more school and no more school exams ever again! It's the strangest feeling and I have to say it's been a bit of an anti-climax, what with my friends still having their exams and me still being 17. However the birthday is only a month and a bit away now and I do have two proms and a wild holiday in MALIA to be looking forward to so I'm really not that fussed. My exams were in a short sharp burst of about one week and due to the fact my three subjects are heavily coursework based I only had three two hour exams, which were stressful enough on their own! Drama went well I think, I found the first section hard but the higher mark sections were better. English also was a godsend with the questions, Iago for "Othello" and presentation of pride in Faustus and Paradise Lost, but I was such a nervous wreck before the exam I think I might have cocked some of that up. Finally was History last Thursday which despite having amazing questions I think I buggered up too. One essay I know I muddled through fine I just don't think my structure was great. However the second essay, I argued a completely different argument to the rest of my class. Despite my teacher assuring me my answer was acceptable I'm still convinced I got the wrong end of the stick and wrote a load of bullshit. This then leads to the big fear I won't get my AAB for Leeds and will have to beg Southampton to take me :'( So that's quite a scary and stressful situation but realistically I can't do anything until the 19th of August so fingers crossed!

So I've been free for just over four days now, been at work for two of them, shopped for one of them and slept for the other. Quite useful way of spending my time I think. I've geekily got some great books out to read over summer, such as Middlemarch and Villette as well as Dylan Thomas poems. I've just started reading The Kite Runner as I've heard great things about it. I hope to read some Austen over summer and some Ian McEwan too. Such a literature babe. On another topic I bought the most fantastic shoes the other day with a whopping price tag. But so worth it:

Admit they are so beautiful and such a perfect summer shoe. I've only got black clubbing heels so these are perfect and I will get as much wear out of them as possible! I spent so much in London, Topshop, Mac, Beyond Retro, American Apparel literally just steal my money away! Anyhow, must get some snooze, I am shattered today and I was only at work for four hours! Xo

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